Sustainable thermal insulations by Freudenberg Perfomance Materials

comfortemp® from Freudenberg Performance Materials is a unique range of sustainable thermal insulation products. They are made of up to 100 percent recycled polyester fibers, derived from post-consumer PET bottles.

Freudenberg is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint while maximizing the handprint of customers and end-users.

This entails reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing processes (footprint) and acting as a sustainability enabler for customers by providing eco-friendly products and services (handprint).


Sustainability applies to the entire product life cycle – and starts with manufacturing. In 2018, multiple Freudenberg production sites were certified to the Global Recycled Standard.

Freudenberg is a key player in the clothing value chain, and a proud bluesign® system partner – and minimizing environmental impact throughout the production process is a top priority. For consumers, the bluesign® label guarantees the use of sustainable materials and green processes.

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comfortemp® for effective, eco-friendly insulation

comfortemp® comprises a range of cutting-edge materials, combining perfect comfort with outstanding thermal insulation.

comfortemp® offers

  • solutions for active sportswear, outerwear and Fashion
  • high performance functions through innovative Technologies
  • a wide range of weights, fibers, hand feel and insulation Levels
  • sustainable alternatives made of recycled polyester, renewable and biodegradable fibers  

A number of comfortemp® solutions make use of recycled polyester fibers derived from post-consumer PET bottles and as the newest innovation, from biodegradable fibers.

comfortemp® thermal insulation products are certified to the Oeko-Tex standard – a global independent testing and certification system for textile product safety. Certificates are renewed annually and copies are available upon request.

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HO 29XR Series

comfortemp® fiberball padding

comfortemp® fiberball padding is an innovative and sustainable alternative to down. It is made of 70 percent recycled polyester derived from post-consumer PET bottles. Its high-performance, washable and fast-drying padding is very lightweight and offers excellent insulation – as well as great breathability.
This padding has an extremely high degree of thermal insulation, is easily compressed and yet quickly recovers its full volume, time and again. This enables enhanced insulation as greater volume allows more air to be trapped. Available on rolls, comfortemp® fiberball padding also prevents cold spots at the seams and fiber migration and makes processing easier.

comfortemp lyocell padding HO60X

comfortemp® Lyocell padding

comfortemp® TencelTM padding padding is a 100% biodegradable padding made of Lyocell, a cellulose fibre gained in an environmentally friendly production process from eucalyptus wood that comes from sustainable forestry. This innovation, which completely degrades in the soil in just within 57 days, was developed in cooperation with Lenzing, the renowned fibre manufacturer.
The padding is washable and quick-drying, lightweight, keeps the body warm, is soft and extremely breathable. Thanks to its excellent moisture management it minimises sweating. comfortemp® TencelTM padding is available on rolls, which makes it easier to process, prevents cold bridges at the seams and fibre migration through the outer fabric.

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Join us at ISPO 2020

26 to 29 January in Hall A2, Booth 404

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